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Date: April 25, 2020

Check-In Time: 2:00pm

Overall Competition Time: 2 hour 30 min

Theme: Innovation

Additional scheduling information will become available prior to the competition.


  1. One (1) Individual makeup artist entry.
  2. One model per entry.
  3. Once the time is called, you may not touch your model in any way, you are told to set props and pose your model. You will have 5 minutes to do this. (Penalty 5 Points)
  4. Model must arrive with NO makeup applied. (Penalty 11 Points)
  5. Model can arrive with hair, clothing, and accessories complete. Hair may be pre‐set and pre‐styled (finished) at the start of the competition, however, completing hair within the ninety (90) minute time period can earn the competitor up to a total of ten (10) extra credit points.
  6. All makeup must be done by the Competitors only. (Penalty 5 Points)
  7. Each Competitor must provide any and all materials needed to produce the finished look.
  8. Accessories such as jewelry or hair ornamentations are allowed.
  9. Airbrushing is allowed.
  10. Artificial eyelashes may be used but may NOT be applied prior to competition. (Penalty 11 Points)
  11. Sanitation procedures will be observed. (Penalty 5 Points)
  12. Prosthetic pieces are allowed. Up to a total of ten (10) extra credit points can be earned for applying and original prosthetic piece.
  13. No talking to spectators. (Penalty 2 Points)
  14. No trademarked or licensed characters may be reproduced.


All decisions made by the competitions are FINAL.

  1. Competitors’ make-up will be judged based on the following criteria: Character Design, Appliance Application, Use of Color, and Overall Presentation. Hairstyling—including laying or dressing hair, or applying a bald cap—is worth up to ten (10) extra-credit points. Also up to a total of ten (10) extra credit points can be earned for applying an original prosthetic piece.
  2. Each criteria category will be worth a possible 10 points, with a score of one being the lowest and ten being the highest.
  3. Costumes will not be judged.
  4. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded in each themed category.