Competitions give us the ability to see where we are…in more than just our minds. Entering competitions is fun. Especially when “the competitors are fierce” and you win! To add a cherry on top…you actually could receive cool prizes and get the recognition of your peers. Ka-ching!!!

Find your next makeup job and jump-start your career by allowing others to see your skills in a competitive environment. Competition days, times, and categories vary.

Overall Competition Rules

To enter, each competitor must sign and submit an official entry application. The competition entry fee is free of charge. However, all applicants must purchase a one (1) day $50.00 dollar conference ticket. Once purchased, the applicant will earn (free) entry for an additional conference day or entry into the Le Maquillage Awards Show. By submitting an application, the competitor agrees to abide by the rules and decisions of the competition committee and judges.

Submission Deadline is August 9th 2024.

  1. Each competitor can submit one model only.
  2. No assistants will be permitted. The competitor must apply all makeup.
  3. All models must be 16 years of age or older.
  4. All models and competitors must sign a PMAC release form giving permission for photos and videos to be used by PMAC. All photos are the property of PMAC, Inc.
  5. Models must arrive with a clean face (no-makeup). If models arrive with makeup on it is required that it is removed prior to the start of the competition.
  6. All models must be dressed/costumed appropriately, with no exposure of body parts. The use of any clothing, tattooing, writing or piercing that is graphic/inappropriate in nature is not allowed. Failure to comply WILL lead to disqualification. (Body Art competitors, please see individual rules.)
  7. No electronic devices or cell phone/email/texting/photo usage will be allowed during the competition.
  8. Competitors are not allowed to touch their models once seated in the competition area until directed by the competition chairman.
  9. Competitors and models may not leave the competition area after the competition has started and may only be excused by the competition chairman. Anyone found leaving without permission WILL be disqualified.
  10. It is the responsibility of each competitor to secure and furnish his or her female or male model, tools and any necessary supplies, at his or his expense.
  11. Conversation between Competitor(s) and model is limited. The only conversation allowed is if the Competitor(s) need to ask the model to reposition themselves for application or styling purposes.
  12. No talking to spectators.
  13. If there is coaching from the audience for any competitor the competitor will have points deducted from the score and face possible disqualification.
  14. Competitors arriving after the start of the competition will not be allowed to compete.
  15. Penalty points may be assessed during the contest time and will affect the judge’s score.
  16. All competitors must supply their own kit.
  17. All makeup created for the Masters Le Maquillage makeup competition at PMAC Expo must be original work. Makeup submitted and produced through the competition must not have been submitted to/created through any other competition.