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All Things Fantasy with Perris Hull – Paid Class

April 25, 2020
3:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center, 100 CNN Center, Atlanta, Ga, 30303

Classroom - Maple Room B

All Things Fantasy with Perris Hull – Paid Class

Audacious, Innovative and Exquisite are just a few sentiments to describe master
cosmetologist Perris Sebastian Hull. Perris was born on July 27th, 1975 in Atlanta,
Georgia and since then has animated the world with his zealous personality and
passion for beauty. This spunky entrepreneur has been in the beautification business
for 17 years building a portfolio with clients such as Buffy the Body, Hoopz, Nina Sky
and many others. He caters to a spectrum of clientele spanning from all age ranges and

ethnicities. Perris’s repertoire has also been enriched through professional classes
specializing in commercial advancement.
When his hands aren’t busy with patrons, he enjoys traveling to American hot spots,
such as New York, Chicago and South Beach and he also enjoys traveling abroad.
Perris’s fetish for designer brands, like Gucci and Coach, keep his credit card busy and
his taste impeccable. This 5'11'' 190lb divo also fancies working out and perfecting his"
fabulousity."  Don’t let his Rembrandt smile fool you, Perris has a little fire in him –living
by motto’s like “It’s not always good to let your right hand know what your left hand is
His keen eye for detail has caused him to be the success he is today, as he is the
current owner of his 3rd salon in Athens, GA. His idol is American producer and
playwright Tyler Perry because he aims to mirror his drive for fruition and hunger for
ambition. His altruistic spirit inspires him to make women feel alluring and sublime with
the touch of a curling wand. He aims to strengthen their confidence and radiate tenacity
so that his craft may be a reflection of himself.

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