Special Guests

Erin Madigan
2018 Honoree - Decade Maqui / Judge - Bridal
Roberto Hernandez
2018 Honoree - Body Art Maqui
Keitric Starks
2018 Honoree - TV Maqui / Moderator - Different Paths & The Art of Business
Jennifer Ivey
2018 Honoree - Theater Maqui

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With Special FX contestants, Makeup Classes and well known Makeup Distributors and Vendors such as London Brush Company, Norcostco, Joe Blasco Cosmetics, Jullian’s, Lashful, Plain Jane Beauty and The Engineer Guy, Makeup Artist classes with Kelvin Myers, Alex Lucas, Scoobie West and Jeremy Dell. Honorees included Matthew Mungle, Jonah Levy, Erin Madigan, Roberto Hernandez, Keitric Starks, Jennifer Ivey, Nikoletta Skarlatos, Alexis Fagan and Roosevelt Cartwright, It was a Great Show! We hope to see you at our 2019 Expo!

About PMAC

The only premier makeup expo in Atlanta.

PMAC Expo is an industry trade-show for those who specialize in the makeup profession. Visionary and Founder Gwynnis Mosby of Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy is a 32 year veteran Celebrity Makeup Artist who created this conference to educate, entertain, and EXPOse the vast world of Professional Makeup Artists.

PMAC Expo features experts from the Beauty, Fantasy, Body Art, Special Effects, Fashion, and Bridal industries; PMAC Expo encompasses all facets of the trade. The conference showcases multiple vendors who supply a wide variety of products giving the conference attendees the opportunity to purchase cutting edge, exclusive makeup supplies and products.

PMAC Expo was created by legendary celebrity makeup professional, visionary and founder, Gwynnis Mosby who is responsible for almost two decades of professional makeup expertise for top-selling GRAMMY & BILLBOARD-charting musicians such as Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, TLC,   Usher, Faith Evans, Toni Braxton, Monica, Tupac, and A-List celebrities like Bill Cosby, Perri “Pebbles” Reid, Tyrese Gibson, Elise Neal, Lynn Whitfield, Lisa Ray, Crystal Fox, Chris Tucker,Since 2011, she has operated the Industry Leading Atlanta Makeup School, Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy that has taught some of the most renowned makeup professionals in the nation. One of her students graduated to become a 5x Emmy Award-winning makeup artist.

At the 2018 PMAC Expo, as a way to showcase the multitude of talent found inside of Atlanta’s makeup industry, makeup artists (MUAs) will participate in educational panels, workshops, live demonstrations, and competitions such as Masters of Le Maquillage (Masters of The Makeup), Body Art, FX, Bridal, Haute Couture, Fantasy, and the online competition for patrons called the Fiercest Face Competition returns.

PMAC EXPO (Professional Makeup Artist Conference) represents the glamour of Atlanta’s entertainment industry.We are hosted in the third busiest production city in the country. Makeup Artists are recognized, showcased and rewarded fortheir national artistry. Long-established professionals along with emerging makeup artists and consumers will convein underone roof to be inspired, educated and entertained. We feature accredited experts from every facet of the trade including: beauty, fantasy, body art, special effects, haute couture and the bridal segments!